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"Bali Windhu Craft" uses standard e-commerce booking site. We put each product based on their respective categories in the catalog. You can enter in the link category and freely choose the products available such as Assesories, Handycraft, Spa, etc.

On this page you will see a small picture of each product and if you are interested to see the details of information you can click directly on the picture or on the "view details". This will open the big picture and his description. If you want to order our products, you can just click "add to cart".

To check your order, simply go to the "My Cart" which is at the top of the page. Check whether you need to adjust quantities or delete any item. Please use the "Update Cart" button to update your order. You can clear the existing order in the "My Cart" by clicking the "Remove".

To complete the order, you must click on the button "Request Quote" and please input your shipping information on the "Request Quote Form". If everything is complete, click the "Send" to deliver your order to our email.


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