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In the order process, filling the order form that has been done we would expect the check back and we will promptly respond via email.

We are ready to help you provide additional information about your order if necessary

Order Conditions:

The price of each item is the net price and not include shipping

  • We have a delivery service which is ready to ship your goods directly to the destination.
  • Minimum order we serve are U.S. $ 1,000
  • Orders can be various types of goods
  • Production time approx 2 - 4 weeks and we will inform you when the order has been completed in production
  • Orders will begin production if your payment has been received in our bank.
  • We also accept order goods other model, which are not  produced from the "Bali Windhu Craft" by attaching a photo the items you want.


Payment Condition:

  • Full payment in advance when a stock of goods available
  • For production down payment of 50% as order confirmation and balance payment when the goods have been completed in production


Payouts can be done via:

  1. Bank Transfer - T/T or Wire Transfer
    Payment can be made ​​via transfer to our bank account in Bali, Indonesia. Payments we receive in our account of the number of invoices. For transfer fee borne by your own. We will inform you our bank account details.

  2. Transfer Western Union
    When using Western Union for payment you need to make a payment in the amount given in the invoice plus the cost of Western Union transfers. Once the transfer has been made ​​please provide the info to us, taking the number, name, address, and phone numbers bank.

Any payment that has been transferred, we will inform you if it is entered in our account and goods orders will begin to be produced.


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